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Discover the skills to confidently establish your professional journey and open your own clinic

Welcome to EARTH – Everything About Radical Transformation of Human, a premium flagship program meticulously crafted by Amitabh Psychology. If you’re an aspiring life coach or psychologist, therapist, healer, with an aim to transform people’s lives positively , this is your golden opportunity to embark on a transformative journey that will empower you with the skills and confidence to establish your own clinic/counseling/healing set up  successfully.

📅 Commencing on April 2024 : The journey begins on 21st April 2024. Are you ready to redefine your professional path and unlock the doors to your own clinic?

What You Will Learn

Uncover the expertise essential for confidently charting your professional path and launching your own clinic

Skill 1

Life Coaching

Take Classes in Life Coaching to Boost Your Future! Enroll in our life-changing coaching program to realize your full potential. Learn useful techniques, methods, and perspectives from knowledgeable coaches. Our courses combine theory with practical application to provide students with a well-rounded education. Obtain international certification to differentiate yourself in the cutthroat world of life coaching. Enroll today to start a rewarding road toward success in both your personal and professional life.

360-degree Counselling

Examine our extensive curriculum for those who want to work as holistic counselors. Become an expert in evidence-based therapy approaches and the integration of mind, body, and spirit. We provide practical instruction and an internationally recognized certification in 360 degree counseling . Enroll right away to start your rewarding career as a holistic counselor. Dive into the practice of personal development and transformative healing. With our 360 degree counseling course, get started on your path right now!

Mental Spa

Take Up Mental Spa for Long-Term Health Benefits. In our specialist classes, discover individualized tactics and evidence-based methods. Put your mental well-being first with our extensive relaxation programs. Become a part of a community that promotes wellbeing. With our life-changing courses, you may get started on the path to a more serene and focused existence right away.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Use NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming course , to Change Your Life. Develop your mental toughness, break through limiting beliefs, and become an expert communicator. Practical tools are provided by our NLP course. Discover the possibilities of Neuro-Linguistic Programming with our thorough and engaging classes.

Face Reading

Welcome to the fascinating world of face reading! This ancient practice, also known as physiognomy, has captivated cultures around the globe for centuries. Face reading involves the interpretation of facial features to gain insights into an individual's character, personality this can be very useful in your professional and personal lives. Face reading techniques will help you learn more about an individual and help you take a right decision.


Discover Secrets in the World of Handwriting Analysis with Our Graphology Course: Explore this intriguing field. Take our in-depth graphology course to learn the art and science of interpreting handwriting as a means of determining a person's personality.. Enroll today to begin a life-changing education in the field of handwriting analysis.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

CBT focuses on a specific way of communicating empathy for better therapeutic outcomes. The course is also aimed at educating therapists on empathy errors. Learn about practical applications, evidence-based methods, and real-world case studies. Obtain a globally acknowledged certification to demonstrate your expertise. Unlock CBT's potential for successful treatment. With this specialized training, you can begin your path towards becoming a qualified CBT practitioner.

REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy)

For revolutionary learning, sign up for our Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) program. Discover practical insights and evidence-based tactics through case studies from real-world situations. Develop your counseling abilities and leave a lasting impression. Enroll today to further your mental health profession. Unlock REBT's potential for successful treatment. With our specialized course, you may begin your path towards becoming a certified REBT practitioner.

TA (Transactional Analysis)

Improve Your Abilities with Our TA Program Learn the nuances of transactions, ego states, and successful communication. Obtain a globally acknowledged certification to demonstrate your proficiency. Receive practical training to improve your counseling abilities. Enroll today to further your counseling and psychotherapy profession. Discover how to use TA to provide revolutionary therapy. With this specialized course, you may begin your path towards becoming a certified TA practitioner.

How to Attract Clients

Utilize our client attraction upskilling to accelerate the growth of your company. Present your knowledge through incisive essays, testimonies, and interesting case studies. Boost your reputation through useful networking, powerful speaking engagements, and strategic alliances. We also offer complete sales and marketing strategies to make sure your business succeeds. Discover how to use social media to your advantage for a strong online presence. Let us give you the tools you need to grow your company.

Our Team

A dedicated team of skilled and compassionate professionals, committed to providing exceptional care and guidance.

Amitabh Karmakar

Founder Amitabh Psychology

Counseling Psychologist Globally certified Career Counselor World Healing Association Certified Psychotherapy Healer Graphologist NLP Coach International certified Life coach

Sushma Panyam

Clinical Psychologist, CBT trainer

M.Phil (Clinical Psychology);Level 4 Therapist, Trainer, for CBT Supervisor (Feeling Good Institute, California) 12 years of experiecne

Rajpreet Kaur

ACCLife Coach , REBT , TA Expert

PhD Scholar (XLRI), ICF Certified Leadership Coach – ACC, Counsellor, REBT & TA Expert, NLP & Gestalt Practitioner, with 18 years of Professional experience

Shilpa R


Certified Physiognomist (from Forbet psychology school) Yoga instructor Msc (Yoga therapy from SVYASA university Bangalore) 8 years of experience

Why Amitabh Psychology

We are on a mission to transform one crore lives positively leading them to a world of happiness.

Renowned Expertise

At Amitabh Psychology, you learn from the best. Benefit from the extensive expertise of seasoned professionals in the field of psychology, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.

Interactive Learning Experience

Engage in a dynamic and interactive learning environment. EARTH combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, fostering a hands-on approach that prepares you for the real challenges of the psychological profession.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with a diverse network of like-minded individuals. EARTH not only imparts knowledge but also provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and mentorship, enhancing your professional growth and opportunities.

Tailored Curriculum

EARTH offers a meticulously crafted curriculum designed to equip you with a diverse skill set. From life coaching to face reading, our program covers a spectrum of disciplines, providing you with a holistic foundation for your future practice.

Skills to enhance your business

 To increase the success of your business, get useful skills, industry insights, and hands-on training. Our  programs emphasize creative problem solving, efficient communication, and strategic expansion. Improve your business sense to remain ahead of the competition in the market. 

Global Recognition

Receive international certification from Feeling Good Institute for CBT and life coach certification from 5th Element , recognised ICF organisation  that adds a stamp of credibility to your qualifications. 

Customer reviews

Hear the stories of the people whose lives are transformed

Richa Sharma
Read More
Amitabh Karmakar's visionary leadership and insightful guidance have been instrumental in my transformative journey through various program. His commitment to empowering aspiring psychologists is truly inspirational.
Devashish Mishra
Read More
Amitabh Karmakar's wealth of knowledge and expertise in psychology shines through every aspect of the program. His passion for the subject and dedication to his students make this program an unparalleled learning experience.
Gyanendra Bharti
Read More
Amitabh Karmakar's personalized mentorship has been a game-changer for me. His ability to connect with students on an individual level creates an environment where learning becomes a truly enriching experience.
Read More
Amitabh Karmakar is not just an educator; he is a mentor who is genuinely invested in empowering future psychologists. The Metal Spa program is a testament to his commitment to nurturing the next generation of mental health professionals.


A Scientifically Designed Program for Aspiring Life Coaches

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Frequently Asked Questions

EARTH stands for Everything About Radical Transformation of Human – a premium flagship program by Amitabh Psychology. It is meticulously designed for aspiring life coaches and psychologists in Mumbai who wish to confidently establish their professional journey and open their own clinic.

The EARTH program begins on 21st APR 2024, offering participants a transformative journey into various disciplines within psychology.

Absolutely! EARTH is designed to accommodate both local and remote participants, allowing flexibility in learning to suit diverse schedules.

Graduates of the EARTH program will receive  international aenhancing their professional credibility and opening doors to a global career.

EARTH not only imparts knowledge but also fosters a community of like-minded individuals. Participants have opportunities for networking, collaboration, and mentorship, enhancing their professional growth and connections in the field of psychology.

Yes, EARTH offers a flexible learning schedule, allowing participants to balance their professional development with other commitments.

EARTH distinguishes itself through a tailored curriculum, expert faculty from Amitabh Psychology, a focus on practical applications, and a commitment to providing a holistic foundation for aspiring psychologists and life coaches.

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