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We at Amitabh Psychology believe in bringing out the best in people. We help them restore their peace of mind through our services.

Welcome to Amitabh Psychology

“A person is who is mentally and physically sound is a fully functioning person”

Amitabh Karmakar, a psychologist, life coach, is the founder of Amitabh Psychology. He provides counseling, guidance, and mentorship to individuals of all age groups right from 2 years to 90 years.

His mission is to transform one crore lives in the next 10 years through his flagship programs.

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Our Services

A complete cost-effective and time-saving solution to bring out the best in you.

360 Degree Mentorship

In this program, counseling, career guidance, mentorship is provided to school going  children , teenagers, adults and elderly. We help parents to nurture their kids in a way that they grow into confident individuals. This mentorship helps the individuals to know their potential and give their best output in personal and professional life.

Mental Spa

Today’s  life style has brought with it many problems like stress, anxiety, depression, diseases e.g. Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks. Mental Spa is a technique which rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. You become relaxed and regain your mental and physical health. Many mental health ailments are reduced and people start living a happy life with more productivity.


Amitabh Psychology provides Internship and classes for students of psychology. We cater to IGNOU MAPC students and conduct online classes for them in subjects like Statistics, Research, Cognitive, Personality, Advanced Social, Life span, Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology.

About Us

Founded by Amitabh Karmakar, in 2019. Amitabh Psychology focusses on 2 areas,

  1. Transforming people’s personal and professional life by helping them understand their own selves, their strengths and opportunity areas and help unleash their true potential with the help of our flagship service 360 degree counselling
  2. Restoring peoples’ peace of mind by eliminating stress, anxiety, depression and chronic diseases with the help of another flagship program called ‘Mental Spa’

Our Core Values


10X Experience



Video Testimonial

Hear the stories of business people whose lives are transformed

Why You Should Choose Us?

We help you save money and time by focusing on what matters – Results!

Expertise in mental health

We have received specialized training in understanding human behavior, emotions, and mental health.

Support at Your Fingertips

We bring together resources for support, training, product and tools for you.


We are bound by strict ethical guidelines, which protect the confidentiality of our client at any cost.

Transparent Reporting

We provide clear, concise reporting to our clients for their growth in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Here are the some commonly asked questions regarding counseling services.

What do I do if I’m worried about my mental health?

The most important thing is to talk to someone you trust. This might be a friend, colleague or family member. In addition to talking to someone, it may be useful to attend the session of Mental Spa conducted by Amitabh Psychology. These things may help to get some perspective on what you are experiencing and be the start of getting help.

What is couple counseling?

Couple counselling is a form of psychotherapy that can help improve the relationship between you and your partner. It is also known as relationship counselling and marriage counselling.

Couple counselling helps couples work on their relationship by focusing on how they communicate with each other and resolve conflicts. The counselor may ask questions to help you become more aware of the way you think about your partner and about the way your partner thinks about you.

What are the benefits of couple counseling?

Here are some of the common benefits of couple counselling:

  • You build trust with your partner. You learn how to communicate more openly with each other, which helps build trust and intimacy.

  • You learn how to resolve conflicts more effectively. You learn techniques for resolving conflicts so they don’t escalate into arguments or end up becoming personal attacks on your spouse.

  • You learn how to manage your emotions better during conflict so you don’t say things you later regret. This reduces tension, helping you keep communication channels open so that disagreements can be resolved peacefully rather than through arguing or fighting.

  • Couple counselling gives you tools to deal with issues such as infidelity, lack of intimacy, and sexual dissatisfaction.

How important is career counseling for students?

Career counselling is a process that helps individuals identify and explore career options, make informed decisions about their future, and develop strategies to achieve their goals. It can be helpful at any stage of life, but it is especially beneficial for young people who are just starting out in their careers.

What is the right time for career counseling?

It is important to note that there is no timeline to start career planning. Remember, you can take career guidance at any point in your life. Most people have an idea about what they want to do by the time they reach Class 10.

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