Mental Spa

This is an opportunity to create a deeper connection with people in your life that matter.  This is done through curating and bringing together top notch programs to create the ultimate transformative experiences.

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Mental Spa

  • The Mental Spa program is designed to host programs to promote mindfulness and provide tools to ease anxiety.
  • The program helps you balance, celebrate, heal, move, play and restore mental balance with the help of various tools and programs including themes like positive self talk, deep breathing exercises, Visualization techniques, easy routines to bring calmness in daily life, grounding exercises, mindful movements and Cognitive reframing
  • This program helps create a sacred space and time where you can be you in order to help you get the clarity, restoration, balance and energy reset so you can get back to being fully present in every aspect of your life.
  • This is an opportunity to create a deeper connection with people in your life that matter.  This is done through curating and bringing together top notch programs to create the ultimate transformative experiences.

Generalized Mental Spa

  • Generalized Mental Spa program is conducted on a monthly basis with the focus on meditation and mindfulness, visualization, breathing, grounding exercises leading to relaxation and connect at a deeper level.
  • The objective is to help restore mental balance and cut any sort of negativity from body, mind, and soul thus rebuilding overall balance.
  • There is a sense of rejuvenation post these sessions and people realign to the positivity of their lives.
  • The session helps connect to yourself again bringing the energy and positivity back and enhancing it to a different level.

Personalized Mental Spa

  • The personalized mental Spa session is aimed at providing personal healing sessions to heal through various negative emotions all of us go through in our lives, there are approximate 40+ negative emotions that every individual goes through in day to day life
  • If not dealt with at the right time, in the spiral of negative thinking, you can end up feeling worse and worse about the situation and yourself, the result of which could be a number of detrimental effects to your mental and physical wellbeing.
  • During the personalized mental spa sessions, exercises are conducted to go through the process of listening to what your body is trying to teach you through the presentation of negative emotions, and learn what they mean. It’s about increasing your acceptance of your natural instincts and enabling them to be present without resentment.
  • The personalized mental spa sessions are extremely confidential, therapy and healing is curated basis the Individual’s life situation and background with the objective of healing at the root level.
  • These sessions help bring extreme positive changes in personal, professional lives and helps restore happiness and peace and connecting with life’s purpose.

Mental Spa

It works in three ways

Mind is Relaxed

Body is Relaxed

Overall Productivity Increases


One Hour Mental Spa Session Gives 3-8 Hours of Relaxation


Mental Spa is for 2 types of People

  • Those who don't have mental ailments yet want absolute peace of mind.

  • Those who are suffering from mental distress, want to get rid of it permanently

  • Mental spa practices can relieve you from your mental ailments either in 1 week or 1 month or 1 year or 2 years depending on the severity of mental disturbances (stress, anxiety, depression etc) and you will get a lifelong peace of mind.
  • People of any age group right from 14 years teenager to a 90 year old adult. It is for all of those who wish to get mental peace and get rid of their ailments.


They are conducted by Amitabh Karmakar founder of Amitabh Psychology and his team member Dr. Varsha Mulchandani.


These sessions are conducted in 3 ways

1. Generic sessions

First Sunday of every month a 5pm and 9pm

2. Individual session

This session is personalized for each individual.


The sessions are conducted through zoom meetings.


Yes, online sessions are effective as you are in privacy of your house, relaxed. If you follow all the instructions carefully and diligently, you get the best out of it


The sessions are conducted in Hindi and English combined.

To know more about Mental Spa, and Mental health you can listen to this radio talk of Amitabh Karmakar

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