Our Team

Amitabh Karmakar



  • Counselling Psychologist
  • GCC certified career counselor
  • Psychotherapy Healer
  • Certified Graphologist
  • Internationally certified life coach


  • 11 Years of Healing Experience
  • 7 Years of 360-degree Counselling Experience
  • 5 Years of Leadership experience

Akshay Gawande

(Clinical Psychology Counsellor)

  • 13 Years of Experience in Corporate and 5 Years of Experience Education Sector


  1. Completed more than 5000 counseling (from 2014 till the date)
  2. Research Advisor at Global Research Forum of India
  3. Certified Career Counselor

Dr. Varsha Mulchandani

Medicine doctor and Counseling psychologist



  • Since 13years practicing homoeopathy
  • Since 3 year practicing psychotherapy healings

Rinku Jain

Having 24 years of teaching and counseling experience from school kids to College students.She is a Holistic Counselor – developing overall personality of an individual , training them in self discipline, time management and developing positive attitude towards life. She has an impeccable understanding of individuals’ personality. She inculcates good study habits in students. She is dedicated and committed to making the children independent, adaptable and also give them a positive boost in life. She is a free lancer conducting personality development and time management workshops. Certification in Global Career Counselling from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Extension) Green Belt Certification from Global Career counselling from Univariety Singapore. M.A. (Psychology) M.Sc. (Medical Biochemistry), B.Ed. Certified Diploma in Counseling thearpy

Rinku Jain

Neelam Verma

M.Phil, Clinical Psychology
PGDCP, Counseling & Psychotherapy
Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Bangalore)
Talk to Cure, Mental Health & Wellness Solutions
RCI Reg. No: A26185
Member: Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists
Experience: More than 12 years (Since 2011)

-Deals with Children, Teens & Adults
-Offers Individual & Couple Therapy Sessions
-Psychodiagnostic Assessments

Dr. Manisha Jethwani

Dr. Manisha Jethwani founder of The Healers, Counseling Center (New Delhi), is a certified Clinical Psychologist (RCI -A50793).
She has an experience of more than 15 years 

She has worked as Deputy Director (Counseling & Career Guidance) at National Centre for Adolescents, Delhi. 

She has been a Psychological Counselor at Don Bosco Ashalayam and is a visiting faculty for Psychology Indira Gandhi National Open University [IGNOU]

She is a PhD in Psychology , She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology , Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and also Bachelor’s in Education {B.ed} with Post Graduation in Child Guidance and Counseling (RCI Registered) and a Certificate in Counseling Skills from Academy of Human Development, Singapore.

Bhavana Ananth

Founder – Brahmi-Center for Counselling and Transformations

Co-Founder – Accolades Badminton & Sports Academy

Bhavana Ananth is a Chartered accountant turned Counseling Psychologist, specializing in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Drawing from a rich background in the corporate world, Bhavana Ananth offers a tailored approach to her therapy, counseling and personal development.

Her expertise lies in unraveling the intricate threads of thought patterns and beliefs that influence our actions and decisions. She facilitates rapid and enduring transformations by delving into the core of limiting beliefs. She guides individuals through powerful transformations, enabling them to rewrite the narratives of their lives.

Having a heart of a mentor, she provides a nurturing environment for self-discovery and advancement in the realms of training. Whether you’re seeking personal development or navigating challenges in your professional life Bhavana offers a personalized journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Seema Pillutla

Seema Pillutla is a multifaceted professional, seamlessly weaving the roles of Practising Psychotherapist, Educator, and Mentor into her remarkable career.

She offers one-on-one therapy sessions across various age groups, mentors teens at The Expression Society, guides MA Psychology students, conducts corporate training sessions and hosts a range of psychological workshops.

She is a leader with a keen eye to spot talent.

Geetha Solaraj​

Geetha Solaraj is a seasoned Counseling Psychologist renowned for her unwavering commitment to integrity, compassion, and deep understanding. With a unique ability to press pause in the chaos of life, she adeptly wears many hats—be it expressing herself through art, curating style, dancing to the rhythm of life, or weaving words as a writer. Geetha is not just a psychologist; she is a multifaceted professional whose diverse skill set includes life skills training, mentoring teens, and offering spiritual insights.

Her leadership prowess is a result of this eclectic mix of talents, each contributing to a keen insight into human behavior and emotional well-being. Geetha’s approach is marked by a genuine understanding that there is much more to an individual than meets the eye.

Beyond her professional roles, Geetha stands out as a devoted advocate and ally for neurodivergents. She passionately works towards fostering diversity and inclusion in society, recognizing the unique strengths that each individual brings to the table.

Geetha often humbly asserts, “I don’t have all the answers, but I know how to ask the right questions.” This philosophy underscores her belief in the power of introspection and inquiry, guiding her clients toward self-discovery and growth. In her holistic approach to counseling and mentoring, Geetha Solaraj continues to make a profound impact on the lives she touches, bridging the realms of psychology, creativity, and advocacy for a more inclusive world.


She is a Clinical Paychologist and a Co-founder of a mental health organisation named Therapy It.

Her overall Experience is over 4 years of experience in the field of mental health. Over 3 years of individual counseling experience. She has expertise in working with children and students at an individual and group level at various schools and colleges. Conducting workshops and training programs for students and teachers.

Her specialization is in treating  Anxiety, depression disorders, connecting with yourself, child counselling and relationship management.

She uses  Eclectic approach in her therapeutic interventions. Her major focus is client centred therapy, exploring childhood experiences using metaphor and mindfulness based practices while also incorporating expressive arts modalities with my clients.

She firmly believes that every individual has the capability to find their own solution to their problems and her role is to help navigate them through the process.

Rajpreet Kaur

Rajpreet is a PhD Scholar from XLRI (HR) and a seasoned professional, a trusted and inspirational business leader with an entrepreneurial mindset. She is the founder of Fair and Square. 

She has a highly successful track record of over 18 years delivering unmatched results in new, challenging, and ambiguous environments across diverse industries.

  She completed her Entrepreneurship program from Wharton Entrepreneurship Accelerator with 1st Runners Up position. Rajpreet has also founded a Women Community called Say Cheese.

She is an ICF Certified Leadership Coach – ACC, Counsellor, NLP & Gestalt practitioner, Core Member of CII Maharashtra, Certified in Organization Design, TISS & ODA and in Neuroscience from NLI, a TUV certified POSH Trainer, a Corporate Trainer having delivered successful trainings in Google, Cognizant, Standard Chartered, Flexera, HSBC, Majorel, Ness Digital and other Corporates. She has also completed the Management Development Program from XLRI, Building Future CHROs. A Gold Medalist from IIFT, Delhi.

Rajpreet is also a Positive Psychology, Transactional Analysis and Neuroscience Enthusiast and is actively researching in this space.

 She was the Jury Member for HR Excellence Awards organized by SHRM India in 2023.

Shilpa Bhosle

Ms.  Shilpa  Bhosle

Life  coach,  Psychologist,  Therapist  and  Counselor

Shilpa Bhosle,  is a Life coach, Psychologist, Therapist, and counselor, with 15+ years experience in the field of Counseling, Transformation, Mentoring, Healing and Growth. With 5000+ hours of experience in working with individuals and 500+ clients, she is  passionate about helping people to live an empowered life, realizing their potential and improving overall wellbeing.

Her areas of expertise are Behavioral change processes, Stress Management, Health and wellness coaching, Conflict management, Performance improvement, Goal Setting and Relationship coaching., She works with clients with various challenges ranging from PTSD to fear, anxiety, day to day stress, relationships, health issues, studies and career,

Vast  International  exposure  through  5  years  of  stay  in  the  USA  and  1.5  years  in  Switzerland  for work  and  personal  reasons.Contributed   to   NGO   Muktangan   in   Pune   who   works   in   deaddiction   and       rehabilitation   as   a behavior  transformation  therapist  using  Core  Transformation  methodology.

Certifications  /  Credentials  /  Techniques

  • M.A. in  Counseling  psychology
  • Certified NLP  coach,  NLP  practitioner  and  Certified  NLP-K  practitioner
  • Certified Core  Transformation  practitioner  and  Wholeness  practitioner
  • Transformation and  Behavior  change  Therapist
  • Radical intimacy  practitioner
  • Certified Akashik  Record  Reader
  • Certified Graphologist
  • Metaphors of  movement  and  Integrated  Eyeball  Movement  therapist.
  • EFT practitioner-  Emotional  Freedom  Technique
  • Heart Math  Institute  Therapy  practitioner  –    for  stress  Management
  • Certified Nutritional  Advisor  –  specialization  in  micro  nutrition

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