About Us

About Amitabh Psychology

Founded by Amitabh Karmakar, in 2019.

Amitabh Psychology focusses on 2 areas,

  1. Transforming people’s personal and professional life by helping them understand their own selves, their strengths and opportunity areas and help unleash their true potential with the help of our flagship service 360 degree counselling
  2. Restoring peoples’ peace of mind by eliminating stress, anxiety, depression and chronic diseases with the help of another flagship program called ‘Mental Spa’

Core Values

  • Integrity – We keep all the client’s data/information extremely confidential.
  • Premium – We charge appropriate to provide best experience.
  • 10X Experience – We are at your service to give you 10X ROI.
  • Serve the needy people – We donate & serve the needy people.

Mission to transform 1 crore lives in next 10 years , positively

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