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How harmful internet is: Internet Safety guide for children

his question occurs because the world is changing every day. Every generation in our society has different challenges based on the other things they come across. It is also possible that challenges today’s kids are facing are rapidly different faced by any generation which has come before them.

Today’s most common question is, is the Internet is harmful to children?

The most common question of today’s parents because children are spending a lot of time on the Internet, which may lead to mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and loneliness. In this guide, we will explain the internet safety guide for children.

In Public Health England, they clarify that there is a link between using too much Internet and lower self-esteem.

Those who spend more than four hours a day looking at screens or spending lots of time on the Internet are vulnerable to mental illness.

Internet safety guide for kids, to protect your child

1. Cyberbullying

The majority of people between the ages of 12-19 have been cyberbullied at some point. And some people bullied someone on the Internet.

Cyberbullying activity can be conducted via electronic devices through social media posts, chatting on the Internet and online games. Online games are today’s virtual playground, which is where cyberbullying takes place.

The best protection against this is talking with your child and teaching them how to stand up to bullies.

2. Cyber Predators

People who use the Internet for sexual or other abuse types are considered cyber predators. Child victims can be between 1-17. when it comes to sexual or different types of abuse, girls make up most child victims.

The FBI provides a guide for safety against predators. However, talking to your children about what is going on their day-to-day lives is the best protection.  

3. Posting Private Information- A practice for parents in internet safety for their children

Children still don’t understand the social limit. They may post personally identifiable information on their social media, that should not be public.

Everything from vulgar language to sexual images can have harmful effects on children.

Avoid snooping, but talking frankly in your house about public boundaries and what they mean for your family and kids.

4. Falling for Scams

Today’s children may fall for scams. It’s probably not worthless, but they can’t decline for free access to games or any membership.

Nowadays, teenagers are easy to target for scammers. This scammer can also trick children for their parent’s credit card information.

The solution against falling for a scam is to know the offer your child is investing in it. It can happen by frank communication in house.

5. Accidentally Downloading Malware

Malware is computer software installed without the victim’s permission and can perform harmful action on the computer. Malware can steal your personal information. Cyber criminals often trick people into downloading with games, music or anything.

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